Jake Gyllenhaal Is Shredded In Official Trailer #1 For 'Southpaw'

By Matt O'Bryant

Welcome Back Everyone,

It seems like everyday this past week we have gotten some type of new awesome news about some of the most amazing looking films coming out later this year. Today we get our first look at Jake Gyllenhaal as a boxer in the first official trailer for Southpaw.  Gyllenhaal as always looks like he is bringing his A-Game and after his past 3 roles in Enemy, Prisoners, and the amazing Nightcrawler, he might finally see that Oscar nomination for this one!  My only flaw with this trailer really has nothing do do with the quality of the film, I just feel like every time 50 cent pops up it takes me out of it.  That being said i'm super stoked for this film and will be checking this one out in theaters.

The film is being directed by Antoine Fuqua

Check out the trailer below:

Southpaw hits theaters on July 31, 2015

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