'High-Rise' A Trippy & Sexy International Trailer Has Arrived

By Matt O'Bryant

Based on the novel by J.G. Ballard, High-Rise follows Dr. Robert Laing (Tom Hiddleston) as he moves into a state-of-the-art luxury high-rise apartment building. As he gets to know his new home and his neighbors, including the building’s designer, Anthony Royal (Jeremy Irons), the living situation slowly starts to devolve. Minor maintenance issues soon give way to tension between the working class people living in the lower levels and the wealthy inhabitants of the upper levels. Spurred on by Richard Wilder (Luke Evans), a documentarian with more than a few axes to grind, the building slowly breaks into various tribes as the inhabitants engage in literal class warfare. It’s mesmerizing, brutal, and totally bonkers. It will drive literal-minded people nuts. Think of it as the missing link between Luis Buñuel’s The Exterminating Angel and Bong Joon-ho’s Snowpiercer, but marinated in that patented Ben Wheatley nastiness.
— Synopsis

Check out the new international trailer below:


HIGH-RISE hit theaters on March 18th, 2016.