Check Out The 'Mad Max: Fury Road' Official Legacy Trailer Here!

By Matt O'Bryant

Hello Everyone,

Now we have already seen a couple very badass and amazing looking trailers for Mad Max: Fury Road, but now we get the new Legacy trailer which serves the purpose of introducing Mad Max to younger audiences and/or audiences who are not familiar with the previous three films!  

The trailer shows us how we got to where we are now by showing the story through pieces of the older films Mad Max, Mad Max 2: Road Warrior, & Mad Max: Beyond The Thunderdome!  The Effect is brilliant in catching us up on the story and showing us just how consistent the tone and feel all of these films have had over the past 30 plus years!

Check out the Legacy Trailer Below:

Trailer Rating: 4/5 Stars

Mad Max: Fury Road hit theaters on May 15th, 2015

Ok Guy and Gals let me know what you thinks about the Legacy trailer guys in the comments section below!

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