Owen Wilson's New Film 'No Escape' Looks Down Right Serious!!

By Matt O'Bryant

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Today we just checked out the first official trailer for Owen Wilson's new film No Escape, no its no its not a remake of the mid 90's Ray Liotta classic No Escape even though they share the same name.  The film finds Owen Wilson and his family trying to escape with their lives in an unknown southeast Asian country during a the beginning of a civil war.  I found the trailer to be highly entertaining and I think it looks like the best Owen Wilson film in years.  Very happy to seeing him going back to some Drama/Action/Thriller kind of roles that he used to do during the late 90's and early 2000's like Anaconda, Armageddon, and Behind Enemy Lines.  The film also stars Pierce Brosnan in which he appears to be some kind of government agent who can kick ass and who knows his way around this certain type of scary situation they have all found themselves in.

Up until this week I had heard nothing about this film, and now after watching the first trailer i'm actually kind of excited about seeing the film.  It looks like is gonna be a fun watch when it hits theaters.

Check Out The Trailer Below!

No Escape hits theaters September 2nd, 2015

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