Movie Trailers: 'Unfinished Business' Like a Boss Red Band Trailer

By Matt O'Bryant

Hello and welcome back everyone,

we have another trailer for you today and this one is a red band trailer so it is intended for mature audiences only.

The trailer is Vince Vaughn's next R-rated attempt at a good comedy again!  For me Vaughn hasn't had a great or even good comedy in awhile, much because he has been doing mostly PG-13 style comedies.  But finally he looks to have a return to form here with Unfinished Business co-starring with Dave Franco and Tom Wilkinson.  So far the trailers have been really funny and this Like a Boss red band version is probably the best.

Check out the trailer below:

Unfinished Business is set for release March 6th, 2015

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Source:  20th Century Fox