'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' Rolling Stone Magazine Behind The Scenes Details

By Matt O'Bryant

What's up guys and gals,

Star Wars: The Force Awakens is now just 16 days away from its release and the marketing for the film is starting to shift into light speed!  With a non-stop onslaught of TV spots and interviews from all corners of the entertainment world.  Its crazy how much Star Wars is around us right now, almost unbelievable.  I'm loving it though, to say the least and earlier this morning Rolling Stone revealed its Star Wars cover issue along with some cool little nuggets about the behind the scenes of making the film.  We also have some new images for you to check out below, the coolest of which is of Kylo Ren sitting next to the destroyed Darth Vader mask.

First up is Harrison Ford talking about the strength of Abrams and Lawrence Kasdan's script:

Nine times out of 10, J.J. was dead-on with it,” he says. “You know, it doesn’t feel right in your mouth, and you try a couple of other things, and then you say, ‘You know what? You’re right.’ And ‘Chewie, we’re home’” – an important moment in the story, he notes – “is manifestly better than ‘We’re home, Chewie,’ or a couple of the other options that I tried.
— Harrison Ford

Kathleen Kennedy on director J.J. Abrams being a bit too creative:

[Abrams] is a fountain of ideas, nonstop. In fact, it usually exhausts everybody else around him. He’s endlessly curious, and he wants to try things, and then you finally have to say, ‘All right, we’re running out of time, you have to make a decision!
— Lucasfilm President Kathleen Kennedy

Also to note is the revelation that actor Adam Driver who plays Kylo Ren is a method actor and stayed in character while filming Star Wars: The Force Awakens and would refuse to take his Kylo Ren mask off in between takes. John Boyega even tells Rolling Stone that it was "intense" to work alongside Driver who has said that he "forgot he was in Star Wars" while filming because he was so consumed by the character and the world around him.  Rolling stone also notes that Adam Driver "was determined to take the role of Kylo Ren more seriously than anything he has ever done."

Here are all the new photos for you to check out below:

STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS hits theaters on December 18th.

SOURCE: Rolling Stone via Collider and via Screen Crush