'Star Wars: Episode VIII' Eyeing 'Diary Of A Teenage Girl's Bel Powley For Lead Role


By Matt O'Bryant 

The search is on for possibly two new female leads in Star Wars: Episode VIII.

While it was announced awhile back that actress Gugu Mbatha-Raw had been cast as the new female lead in Rian Johnson’s Episode VIII beating out three other actresses Titiana Maslany, Gina Rodriguez, and Olivia Cooke for the role. Now it appears this may not have been the case at all.


According to Jeff Sneider of The Wrap on the latest episode of Meet the Movie Press yesterday morning Gugu Mbatha-Raw getting the part was only a rumor. While she may still be up for a role in the film along with the other three actresses it appears there is a new front runner for one of the two female lead roles that Lucasfilm and Disney need for Star Wars: Episode VIII.


While discussing the Episode VIII topic with Mark Reilly of Geek Nation, Sneider revealed that he had heard through his various sources that actress Bel Powley of this year's critically acclaimed film Diary of Teenage Girl is now the front runner for a lead role in Episode VIII. Bel Powley of course has kind of appeared from out of nowhere this year with Diary of Teenage Girl for which she is drawing massive critical praise from critics, fans, as well as her peers.

Having recently seen Diary of a Teenage Girl, I believe Bel Powley would be a great choice to play opposite Daisy Ridley, John Boyega, and Oscar Isaac in the upcoming sequel. She would be a great addition to throw in with the already great talents of these fellow actors. I just wonder what type of character/role she would play. It would be great to see such a talented and beautiful girl like Powley play a villain. Star Wars fans have never really seen a unique female villain on the big screen.

Leave us your thoughts on the possible casting of Bel Powley and/or the other actresses listed above.

SOURCE: Meet the Movie Press