J.J. Abrams Explains The Missing Scenes In 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens'

By Matt O'Bryant

Unless you're just the casual Star Wars fan or Movie goer, you probably noticed that several of the scenes from the teasers and trailers for Star Wars: The Force Awakens didn't make the final cut of the film. Well now we have J.J. Abrams himself discussing the topic with EW and explaining kind of why these scenes didn't make the cut. Check it out below:

Sometimes you discover that things you would have cut off a limb to shoot on the day are absolutely inconsequential, and in fact less impactful than if you were to remove it. As much as you try to kick the tires and write and shoot only what is necessary — no one wants to waste anyone’s time — when you’re in the editing room you realize, for instance, that introducing the character there actually diminishes their power. Or, giving that information actually distracts you from what you should be concentrating on. Or, having that moment happen concurrent with that moment actually gets in the way of both — things like that.
— J.J. Abrams

Abrams went on to specifically talk about the Maz Kanata lightsaber scene.

That was a scene actually filmed, but we took out. At one point, Maz used to continue along with the characters back to the Resistance base, but we realized that she really had nothing to do there of value, except to be sitting around. Lupita did film scenes on set for that sequence, but it felt unnecessary. So we ended up leaving those things out.
— J.J. Abrams

Star Wars: The Force Awakens is in theaters now.