Someone Re-Edited Obi-Wan's Speech About Luke's Father and It's Incredible

By Matt O'Bryant

As someone who considers Obi-Wan's speech in Star Wars: A New Hope to be one of the greatest scenes in the history of film, I was kind of shocked when someone told me about this video. I was like "how could they make that scene any greater than it already is"? Well I wouldn't say its better, its just kind of super cool for a Star Wars fan like me to watch. With the nice score layered over the top and the epic Revenge of the Sith scenes spliced in while Obi-Wan is explaining the past to Luke makes this scene even more powerful than "I could have ever imagined".

I'm sure everyone will have there own opinions on this, but mine is mine and yours is yours. So check it out for yourself below, and sound off in the comments down below. Let us know your thoughts. Do you like this version? Is it any better than the original? Why or why not?

Check out the awesome fan-made re-edit below: