Rumors: Luke Skywalker's son in episode 7!! Spoilers!!

By Matt O'Bryant

Hello and welcome back everybody,

According to reports from over at, a key character in the film could potentially be one of Luke's offspring, and not Han and Leia's as previously suspected, although their kids could still be in the film and have huge parts, that of course is not know at this time, but what is known is this:

This spoiler indicates that Domhnall Gleeson of Harry Potter fame is going to be playing a Rebel defector, turned Imperial Commandant who controls an elite group of storm troopers who's leader is none other than Gwendoline Christie, this group of troopers are being referred to as "Chrome Shocktroopers". That little detail is news worthy in itself and gives us some more ideas of where they are going to go with this story. than comes this huge spoiler, that is reporting Gleeson's character is also Luke's son which would be a huge plot point for the film and could be this trilogy's Luke/Vader-esque father/son conflict.

I'm excited about the reveals of who these actors character's are going to be in the film, but i'm not sure how excited I am about them telling this same story again from the first trilogy only flipped around with Luke being older and his son being the bad guy.  Sounds a bit to easy and simple,  hopefully the story of how all this takes place will be a lot more complicated than these rumors tell us it is.

Either way, get ready for one hell of a Star Wars film come this December.

Star Wars Episode VII:  The Force Awakens hits theaters on December 18th.

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