By Matt O'Bryant

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Late last week it looked as if the Star Wars spinoff was going to cast Orphan Black star Tatiana Maslany as the lead.  It looks like now all those reports may have been incorrect.  The Hollywood Reporter is reporting that Felicity Jones star of this past year's Theory of Everything has been officially cast as the lead in the upcoming Gareth Edwards Star Wars spinoff film.

Reports are that the film will focus on a group of Bounty Hunters stealing the plans to the death star to delivery them to the rebellion before the events of Star Wars episode 4.

For anyone who has seen Jones' work you should be very excited about this casting and her potential future involvement with lucasfilm.  She is a very talented and beautiful up and coming actress.

The question is still up in the air as to who she might be playing in the film, but I believe she will be playing a main character from the Star Wars television show REBELS who's character name on the show is Sabine Wren who is a human Mandalorian and weapons expert.  Her character could end up playing a crucial role in tying the new show REBELS in with with the spinoff and the original trilogy. 

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Source: The Hollywood Reporter