Rumors: First Star Wars Spin-Off is a Han Solo and Boba Fett film?

By Matt O'Bryant

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Wow now this would be amazing and would hopefully delivery a story that many of us have been wanting for years and years.  A film starring Boba Fett and Han Solo set before the events of the original trilogy.  A fanboy's wet dream of course, but apparently this is a very likely possibility.

Boba Fett & Han Solo

Boba Fett & Han Solo

News has been coming out from over at Making Star Wars that the new spin-off film will be shooting on reused sets from The Force Awakens shoot.  Mainly in Mexico where there is a possibility that the desert planet that we all know too well called tattoine will probably be making an appearance.  Since they're supposedly filming a lot in the Mexico desert maybe the story will be centered around the Hutts on tattoine wanting Boba Fett to hunt down Solo?  Yea?

Now over at Latino Review there have been claims coming out that both of these characters are going to be in the spin-off, now these are just rumors, but a lot of the time Latino Review is spot on, they usually have some great sources and don't usually report on things unless they have some concrete evidence to support their claims.  Since all the expanded universe story lines are now no longer canon this would be a great way for Disney to set up a lot of the back story involving two of the most popular and beloved characters in film history going toe to toe in one film.  It would actually be like wholly amazing crazy fun!  But in the end all rumors are just that; rumors until confirmed, but hopefully we will have confirmation on something soon.

The first unknown spin-off is set for release on December 16, 2016

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