Breaking!! Star Wars Looking At These 3 Actresses For 'Spin-Off'

By Matt O'Bryant

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The search started a month or so ago across the pond in the UK for Disney, searching for a lead in one of their upcoming Star Wars spin-off films.  But now it appears that they have came back to the states after narrowing it down to these 3 actresses that are the front runners to land a role in the spin-off:  All Three are extremely beautiful and talented actresses!!

Check them Out below:

Tatiana Maslany who has recently gained some recognition for her role in Orphan Black which she was recently nominated for a Golden Globe award, she also had some other small roles most noteworthy of which was David Cronenberg's 'Eastern Promises' a few years back, her star is definitely on the rise.

Rooney Mara who is perhaps the most recognizable out of the 3 since she has been in more high profile films over the past few years.  Working for the great film maker David Fincher in 'The Social Network', and The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo which she was nominated for an academy award for.

Felicity Jones who is making herself known this year to the mainstream audiences with a small role in the terrible Amazing Spiderman 2 and gaining huge praise for her work in 'The Theory of Everything' which she is nominated for an Academy award for and she actually has a good shot of winning from what we have heard.

I personally would like to see Rooney Mara get a part I think out of the 3 she has showed us that she kind be a really strong woman in a role, she can be a badass as well as a bombshell.  I would be excited about any of these 3 women but hope Mara gets the job!!

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Source:  The Hollywood Reporter