Rumors: Female StormTroopers in 'Episode 7'?

By Matt O'Bryant

Hello and Welcome Back Everyone,

Earlier today a lot of new casting speculation came out after a leaked casting call sheet hit the web and gave up quite a bit of information regarding Episode 7.

One of the biggest things to come out of the mostly very small roles and extra spots is the interesting casting of an actress by the name of Amybeth Hargreaves.  If you don't recognize that name don't worry there isn't much reason too.  Even typing here name in on google only brings up a music video and commercial she has done.  Some one who we will not name on here apparently tweeted out earlier today that she has been cast as a female Stormtrooper, but who is to say this is true or not.

The Unique thing here is that she is listed on here biography as being 6 feet tall, and who else in the new Star Wars cast is over 6 feet tall, none other than Gwendoline Christie who is listed as 6 foot 3 inches.

Perhaps they are a pair of Twins who are  Badass tall Beautiful Lightsaber welding StormTroopers  Or  Jedi  Or  Sith?

Maybe there is just some Admiral who likes to have a couple of beautiful tall women StormTroopers around so he feels safe and evil all over, who knows?

Most likely Amybeth Hargreaves is just a body double for Gwendoline Christie, but at the very least that means we do indeed have female StormTroopers which is pretty cool.

In 11 months we will find out and just like everyone else I can't wait!

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Source: Cinema Blend

Photo by:  Feng Zhu