Star Wars: Star Wars 7 Characters names Released!!

By Matt O'Bryant

In another cool old school move by the people over at Lucasfilm we have learned some of the new characters names from Star Wars The Force Awakens in the form of Topps Trading Cards.  

All these new character names sound kind of strange and different at first glance, but the more I think about them the better they start to sound.  Interesting enough we do not get the sir names of Finn and Rey possible Solo, Skywalker, or Calrissian kids?

Another interesting tibbit I noticed is the fact that the cloaked figure with the Broadsword Lightsaber doesn't have Darth in from of his name Kylo Ren?  A little strange cosidering that usually Sith Lords always start with Darth before the name, so why not Darth Kylo Ren?  Maybe he is not a Sith?  Very Interesting? 

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