TV Reviews: 'Tyrant'

By Jacob Fisher
Tyrant Episode 1 of Season 2(Review)
‘Mark of Cain’


So to start off this review I have to say that I really loved the first season and I had my fingers cross that they would go ahead with a second season. And a few months later FX came out with the news of a second season and I was so happy. So with that being said let me jump into my review of the first episode of season two. 

Okay the way shit went down in the first season was just crazy. We saw Jamal Al-Fayeed (Ashraf Barhom) excited to see his brother Bassam “Barry” Al-Fayeed (Adam Rayner) coming down to see him after many long years. At first everything is looking good to Barry but as the big picture starts to unfold in front of him he started looking at the choices he had to work with.  He decided to plan a coup and take over his brother position but as he’s working on the plan it’s unfolding on him at the same time. His brother slowly starts to discover that he’s behind many of the outcries going on with the citizens of his country. So in the last few episodes last season we saw Barry sending his family back home while he stay behind and wait for the coup to take place. But in the very last episode Barry get caught by his brother who put him in jail and that’s the last thing we see before the screen went dark. My first question was, “What’s the hell going to happen with Barry?” Okay you’re all caught up now. Here’s my recap/review of episode ‘Mark of Cain’. 

First thing we see is Jamal trying to handle all the outcries from the citizens of his country. We see people close to him start questioning if he’s okay with running everything with everything going on with his brother. Meanwhile Barry who looks a lot older than when we saw him at the end of season one is locked up and facing death. He doesn’t seem to regret any of the stuff he did but instead are proud of them because otherwise the country would be in a bigger shitstorm than it is at the moment. Barry wife is trying to help get him out with support from the outside but Jamal doesn’t want to appear as weak to his followers so he have a big battle inside his head about forgiving or letting the path takes it way. He let Barry wife see him after many long months and they talk about the kids and what’s going on with the outcry for his release. In the last few moments of the episode we see somebody get hanged which is supposed to be Barry but right after that scene we see Barry get dumped in the middle of nowhere by Jamal showing that while Jamal want to appear strong to his followers he also loves his brother allowing him a second chance at life. 

 I really liked the first episode. It’s a strong start with many different ways they could go with this season. I’m really interested to see how Barry goes about his second chance at life and see if he gives up the fight against his brother or if he will get national help at taking his brother down. Plus with Jamal having a baby with another woman without his wife knowing will be really interesting to see. I’m excited to see where they go this season and I will keep you all updated every week.