Movie Reviews: 'The Forest'

By Jacob Fisher

The Forest (Short Review)



Sara (Natalie Dormer) goes to Japan in order to try to find her twin sister Jess (Natalie Dormer) after getting a weird feeling that something happened to her. The only problem? Her sister wondered off into a forest that’s known to many of the locals of where people go to get left alone before they kill themselves. Everybody is telling her to not go in because she’s dead already but Sara just can’t give up when she’s feeling like there’s hope alive in her mind. So she gets the help of Aiden (Taylor Kinney) to seek her twin in the dark and scary forest where nothing is as it seems. I mean what’s the worst that could possibly happen? 


The first thing to note about “The Forest” is that it’s directed by newcomer Jason Zada who mainly done shorts in the past. The thing that Jason really did a fantastic job of in the film is making the forest feeling really hidden and creepy. I guess in some part you actually feel like you’re beside Sara and Aiden while they try to find Jess which makes the jump scares 10x scarier than what you usually find in most horror films nowadays. There are three or four really good jump scares in the film that you really don’t see coming until they pop up right in front of you. My favorite one was the ending shot because I thought it was over and I was getting ready to leave and they got me one last time. 


While the film is scary there are a few big flaws that I can’t help but write about. First off the story is really interesting but kind of loses stream during the second and third acts. I mean it still has it moment but there are a few parts that could have used a little work on it to make it pop out a little more if that makes any sense. Second Natalie Dormer was really pretty to look at and her acting wasn’t terrible she just felt really miscast for the role. She really didn’t have this outdoor vibe to her so it kind of took me away during the forest scenes with her when she had to run away from things. 


As far as January releases go this is probably one of the better ones I've seen in the last few years which I know isn’t saying much since January is pretty much the shit box of films. The movie concept is really interesting and works well most of the time. And the forest is really well done in a way that it interacts with you the same way the main characters are feeling it. The jump scares works really well compare too many other of the shitty horror films that comes out every year. Overall you really can’t go wrong with renting this baby at Redbox or at a video rental place if you have any by you. I wouldn’t go pay full price at the movies but I will sure as hell see it on a rainy day.

Rating: 3 Out Of 5 Stars