Movie Reviews: 'Ted 2'

Ted 2 (Review)

Written by: Jacob Fisher

In 2012, we were treated to Director Seth MacFarlane first film called ‘Ted’.  Seth MacFarlane knows how to find his way around humor since he writes ‘Family Guy’ and ‘American Dad’. So many fans expected ‘Ted’ to be funny but a majority of people were let down. And the follow up to ‘Ted’ was ‘A Million Ways to Die in the West’ which ended up being even worse than ‘Ted’. So here we are now in 2015 with ‘Ted 2’.  So the question is it worth the money or is it Seth MacFarlane third strike? 

‘Ted 2’ takes us back to John Bennett (played by Mark Wahlberg) and Ted (voiced by Seth MacFarlane) where life is good and back to normal. But Ted got some big news he want to share with John. Ted wants to get marry to Tami-Lynn (played by Jessica Barth). But soon after the relationship is on a rocky slope and the b word comes into play. Ted and Tami-Lynn wants to have a baby and Ted asks John to help him out. But after a few tries Ted gets a letter in the mail saying that he can’t have a baby because he’s not a human. So in order to fight this Ted and John goes to Samantha Jackson (played by Amanda Seyfried) and ask her to help them out. She says yes and start working with them but in the background there’s an old enemy from the first film just looking for a way to get payback. Will Ted get the right to be call human and avoid his old enemy or will he become a piece of property?

So as I said before I wasn’t big on the first ‘Ted’ film but this one honestly won me over. A lot of the things they missed in the first film were in the second and because of that I died laughing throughout the movie. Adding Amanda Seyfried into the cast was a good move because she got a chance to show off her funny side and the chemistry between Ted, John, and she was funny as hell. The story is a lot better and you get to see a new side to Ted which is really cool. Plus the rewatching ability for this one is 10x stronger than the first film. 

 In summary, if you weren’t a fan of the first film then check out ‘Ted 2’ because I enjoyed the hell out of it and I disliked the first film a lot. The cast did a great job and had great chemistry together and the story is a lot stronger with a lot more heart around it.