Movie Reviews: 'Magic Mike XXL'

Magic Mike XXL (Review)
By: Jacob Fisher


THE WHOLE CREW IS BACK! Starting off five years after the first film we see Magic Mike (Channing Tatum) running his own business but it’s easy to see that he isn’t happy. But with a call he’s meeting up with the old crew from his stripping days. It’s a nice laid back meetup but then the old crew started talking about one last blow out before they quit the stripping games. Magic Mike listens and don’t really put much thought into the idea of going into the game again but he soon decides to have one last go at the stripping game. So here we are with the whole crew back together making their way down to the largest stripping convention in Myrtle Beach while meeting new and old friends along the way. It’s just a road trip for some old friends who just looking for one last blowout before returning to the real world. 

I wasn’t a big fan of the first film for a few major reasons. Reason one was that there wasn’t any story at all. Reason two for a stripping movie there wasn’t very much stripping. So what was the point in the first film anyways? So going into Magic Mike XXL I wasn’t really expecting I was just hoping for something a little more fun than the first film and I was blown away by how much fun I had. You would think that Channing Tatum would be the most focus on character since he’s the main character but they actually focus on all the guys in the crew. My favorite is Joe Manganiello because he was just funny as hell throughout the movie. And the fun part was that with each scene you saw the crew in you could easily see them laughing and smiling and you could tell that they were just having fun filming and hanging out which made it fun for the viewer to watch. It felt very interactive and just made you want to stand up and dance. It honestly one of the most entertaining times I had viewing a movie with a large crowd.  At the end of the movie all I could do was stand up and clap with a big stupid smile on my face. 

Overall if you weren’t a fan of the first film then check out this one because it’s 10x better.

Rating: 4 out of 5 Stars