Movie Reviews: 'Inside Out'

Inside Out (Review)

By Aric Sweeny

Pixar is back!

“Inside Out” takes you on an emotional ride through the mind and life of 11 year old girl named Riley Anderson. The story is told through the five main emotions of Riley, that being: joy (Amy Poehler), sadness (Phyllis Smith), disgust (Mindy Kaling), fear (Bill Hader) and anger (Lewis Black). All five emotions are characters that live in Riley’s mind, controlling how she feels throughout her life. 

Riley’s family moves from Minnesota to San Francisco, and the emotions in her mind don’t know how to react. She then becomes depressed at the hands of anger, making it so joy and sadness must save her from losing all positive memories of her life. 

The emotions were constantly at odds with each other, but never with filled with hatred or at war. They were continually juggling the alternative ways to handle a certain task, and it made for a pleasure to watch on screen. 

“Inside Out” had some witty and intelligent comedy, with slapstick jokes sprinkled in. Each emotion had their own different way of being humorous, making the jokes and comedic themes refreshing; never becoming stale. 

There were a few nods and easter eggs to previous Pixar films as well. Some obvious, and some only the true Pixar fan will find.

 In the end, the realization is that joy cannot thrive without sadness, which leads to unforgettable moments. 

Overall, this film did a fantastic job at pleasing kids and adults alike, and will not disappoint. Its not the funniest, most heartbreaking, or best Pixar film, but you will leave the theater in deep thought about how our emotions really work. “Inside Out” puts Pixar back on the map as the undeniable king of animated movies.

Rating: 4/5 STARS

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