Movie Reviews: 'Pitch Perfect' Review #2 (SPOILERS)

Pitch Perfect 2 review
By Jake Buchanan

Pitch Perfect 2 is directed by Elizabeth Banks which stars Anna Kendrick, Rebel Wilson, and Hailee Steinfeld. Pitch Perfect was such a hidden gem which surprised many people, and still has a huge following since 2012. When the announcement of Pitch Perfect 2 was coming fans of the franchise sang with happiness, but did this musical sequel hit a high note or just fall flat? 

With the introduction of the Hailee Steinfeld character it took awhile to warm up to her, but eventually I understood she was somewhat the new Benji character with her quirks throughout the movie. Keegan-Michael Key as Anna Kendrick’s music producer boss is hysterical in the movie with his interactions with his employees, and also how Key made his little moments on screen some of the best comedy spots in the movie.

Even though Key has great comedic timing in the movie it wasn’t even him that stood out the most comedy wise, because that would go to all of the Fat Amy and Bumper scenes. These two characters just keep bringing the laughs with each moment that they’re in scenes together, and they definitely have the best comedy lines in the movie. 

When it came to the sing off battles that Pitch Perfect is known for Pitch Perfect 2 doesn’t let you down, because other than the comedy scenes these battles are some of the best scenes in the movie.       

Pitch Perfect 2 starts out pretty rough, but was able to get back to the tone the first Pitch Perfect set. The run time for Pitch Perfect 2 is 115 minutes and honestly this movie should be cut down to maybe 25-30 minutes, because it didn’t feel like a Pitch Perfect movie until it hit the 30 minute mark with the underground sing off battle.

The reason why the Barden Bella’s were stripped of their musical privileges was completely dumb in my opinion, because it didn’t make sense why a simple outfit malfunction would ultimately be their downfall. 

If I was given a chance to rewrite the first 30 minutes of Pitch Perfect 2; I would have changed and edited some of the scenes. 

Instead of the Bella’s being disgraced for a wardrobe mishap change it into them representing America in the World competition since they’ve been the champions for 3 years running, and have Brittany Snow’s character be more like Anna Camp’s character in Pitch Perfect with the need to win.  

I would also keep the introduction of Hailee Steinfeld’s character with both her arrival at Barden College and keep her audition for the Bella’s in the first half of the movie. 

Now how I would’ve brought the German team in I would have the Bella’s scout them at the car event, but change it into a BMW sponsored event where the owner of BMW is a huge fan of the German group. These are just simple edits that I think could’ve helped this movie out more, but there’s no changing that now. 

Even though I’m not a fan of the first 30 minutes of Pitch Perfect 2 that wasn’t the biggest problem I had with the movie, because there’s one scene when it’s the Bella’s at rehearsal and all of a sudden the scene breaks down into multiple weird camera windows that looks like a frame setting you would find on Instagram. I know its Elizabeth Banks’ first time directing but seriously I couldn’t tell what was going on in any of the boxes at all, because there are numerous different windows which kept multiplying throughout that scene.

Overall Pitch Perfect 2 isn’t as good as Pitch Perfect, but it did have a good turn around back into the original tone which I liked. That’s why I’m going to give Pitch Perfect 2 a 3/5 STARS due to the first 30 minutes loosing me, but once it hit a certain point the film was able to bring me back into it.