Movie Reviews: 'Pitch Perfect 2'

Pitch Perfect 2: Review

By Jacob Fisher


The Bella's are back a-ca-bitches! Three years after the events of the first film we see the Bella’s back in action performing for the President of the United States and his family at the Lincoln Center. But while they’re performing Fat Amy (Rebel Wilson) makes a mistake and flash something to the whole world basically. Now the Bella’s legacy is at stake and it all comes down to winning the international tournament where the best of the best go against each other. The catch: An American team has never won the tournament. At the same time Beca (Anna Kendrick) is trying to get a jump start on her future by interning at a music production company but with everything going on with the Bella’s its damn near impossible trying to balance the two. Newcomer Emily (Hailee Steinfeld) is wanting on the Bella’s because her mother was in it and she’s always talking about how much fun she had with the sisterhood. 

Now the first thing to say about Pitch Perfect 2 is that it’s directed by Elizabeth Banks who’s new to the directing world. Now with that being the film being from a first time director isn’t that bad. Yeah there’s a few mistakes but nothing that really takes anything out of the experience. My main problem was the camera work during the performances. They would jump from one to another without letting you fully dive everything that was happening on stage. 

The cast was stronger than ever. One of the main reasons I was really looking forward to this movie was because they manage to get the whole cast together again which usually is a very good sign. For me the new comer Hailee Steinfeld actually stole the show and that’s hard to do when you’re sharing the same screen with Anna Kendrick. Hailee Steinfeld made herself fit in perfectly with her charm, humor, and grate. And not only does she manage to fit in she makes herself stand out which isn’t an easy task to do

The music was fun and I would even say better than the first film. 

Overall if you were a fan of the first film then you’re going to love the second. However if you were not then stay away because I can promise you that you’re not going to be a fan. 

5 out of 5 stars a-ca-bitches! 

Cast: Anna Kendrick, Rebel Wilson, Hailee Steinfeld, Brittany Snow, Skylar Astin, Adam DeVine, Anna Camp

Director: Elizabeth Banks