Movie Reviews: 'We Are Your Friends'

We Are Your Friends

By: Jacob Fisher

Caught between a forbidden romance and the expectations of his friends, aspiring DJ Cole Carter attempts to find the path in life that leads to fame and fortune.

The first thing to note about ‘We Are Your Friends’ is that this is the first major release by director Max Joseph who’s always on ‘Catfish’ with Yaniv Schulman. In the past, he has directed shorts and documentaries but nothing as big as ‘We Are Your Friends’. With this being said the film has its moment but also feature quite a few flaws. 

The cast is packed with a great set of actors and actresses. Zac Efron who’s working on a wide range of projects since his ‘High School Musical’ days. I really do believe that he has a chance of breaking out based on ‘Neighbors’ and ’17 Again’ but this is not the project that’s going to do it. He put on a good performance but the script made him really unlikeable which I really couldn’t understand since he’s supposed to be the character that we are rooting for. Wes Bentley was good as the asshole who got screwed over by Zac Efron character but also deserved it. And Emily Ratajkowski is totally thrown in this movie for her beauty but I’m not going to complain about it because yeah she was really nice to look at. Yeah it’s really weird. I won’t go into details about his friends since they’re not featured much in the film which is weird because the movie is called ‘We Are Your Friends’. 

The script is hands down one of the worst things about this movie. The characters we are supposed to be rooting for are highly unlikeable and at times you actually hate them more than the people you are supposed to. And the story if you can call that a story is all over the place instead of focusing on what the trailer did so well at: music. There are three music scenes shown in the movie and THIS MOVIE IS ABOUT MUSIC "JESUS CHRIST"!! Yeah that one thing that really bothered me in this movie. 

Overall, the music is awesome and the way its shot is beautiful and the performances are good but the script really bring this movie down a lot.