Movie Reviews: 'Hitman: Agent 47'

Hitman: Agent 47 (Review)

By Aric Sweeny


Hitman: Agent 47 fits perfectly with the trend of poorly made video game based movies.

 The “Hitman” movie franchise started in 2007, and wasn’t well received; how this film even got made baffles me.

 In this installment, we follow a hitman that is faster, stronger, and smarter than the average person; going by the name ‘47’( Rupert Friend). 47 represents the iteration of the agent program he is. In other words, he is the 47th agent in a string of agents created to outmatch their predecessor. His objective is to stop a villainous organization run by Le Clerq (Thomas Kretschman), that is attempting to create a new, more powerful hitman agent program. To do this, 47 needs Dr. Litvenko (Ciaran Hinds), as he created the original agent program. Litvenko is unreachable, so our anti-hero must settle for Litvenko’s daughter, Katia Van Dees (Hannah Ware); in hopes of tracking Litvenko down.

The only enjoyment that this film can provide is mindless action and stellar gunfight sequences. Although the stakes never felt incredibly high, these scenes were directed extremely well. Towards the end of the movie, however, the action was becoming less of a spectacle and more of a chore to watch; too many genre cliches was the main problem in that category.

 The lack of stealth in Hitman: Agent 47 is not only disappointing, but also infuriating. “Hitman” is a stealth based video game, but it apparently doesn’t translate to the big screen.

At certain moments, the CGI was definitely noticeable. The director didn’t let any particular scene be shown for too long, so it wasn’t necessarily a feat that took me out of certain key moments; or lack thereof.

Besides 47, the characters are paper thin, with the lack of proper development drastically affecting the flow of this movie. The roles just seemed to be placeholders to set up action scenes, rather than meaningful pieces of storytelling.

Without a doubt, the worst part of this film is the dialogue. The CGI, action, and even characters were somewhat passable, but the script was one of the worst and most cliched i’ve ever seen. By the third act, I was practically predicting the conversations between each character.

If everyone went into this movie expecting nothing but horribly cliched dialogue mixed with adequate action scenes, no one would be disappointed; Unfortunately, that is not what the majority of film fan’s want. With that said,  Hitman: Agent 47 misses the mark on almost every level, and does not deserve a viewing at the theater.