Movie Reviews: 'Fantastic Four'

Fantastic Four (Movie Review)

By Aric Sweeny

I feel bad for this movie. Such a promising cast, great writers and the director of the found footage, sci-fi hit “Chronicle”. I can only imagine how good the final product would have been if the director, Josh Trank, hadn’t had problems with FOX. That being said, this film isn’t, by any stretch of the imagination, a quality piece of cinema; Though it doesn’t deserve its sub-10% on Rotten Tomatoes. 

“Fantastic Four” has many, many problems. The main complaint that I had with this film is that there really isn't anything interesting there. No, seriously, nothing happens in this movie. The opening 10 minutes show Reed Richards and Ben Grimm as kids, primarily used to convince the audience of their bond and friendship with each other. As a 5th grader, Richards creates a device used to transport matter to another dimension. Fast forward 7 years, Richards and Grimm are now young adults, showing off this same device at a science fair. Dr. Franklin Storm takes interest in the device, and recruits Richards to work with him. Richards then meets Franklin’s children, Sue and Johnny Storm. At this point, they find out that transporting humans to this other dimension is a possibility, so Reed, Ben, Johnny, and Victor Von Doom (who is also working with them), transport themselves. An accident happens in this dimension, leaving Reed, Ben, Johnny, Sue and Victor with strange powers. Aside from a few scenes at a military base and a lackluster final fight scene involving Doom towards the end of the film, this is essentially all that happens. There was a certain point in the film where I could tell that Josh Trank stepped out and FOX handled the filming from there, specifically the 3rd act. While the first 2 acts were somewhat enjoyable, this 3rd one was simply horrible. There is really no other word that can describe it. Doom was rushed, the CGI was terrible, the final fight was 8 minutes too short; nothing positive came out of the final 25 minutes.

Dr. Doom’s character was almost comical. Not only was it one of the most rushed villains i’ve ever seen, he also looked terrible. 

The Thing doesn’t have pants. ‘Nuff said.

The movie does have some positives, though. The score was good, no ‘bad’ performances (well, maybe until Victor was turned into Doom), and the cast did a decent job. 

Overall, I walked out of this movie feeling extremely underwhelmed. I felt as though more of the story was to be told. I have no question that this film could have been amazing if Josh Trank had gotten full creative control and had no problems with FOX, but that isn’t the reality. Although this is the best Fantastic Four movie we’ve ever seen, it is still one the worst films of the year.