Movie Reviews: 'Entourage'

Entourage (Review) 
By Jake Buchanan

    Entourage is directed by Doug Ellin and stars Jeremy Piven, Adrian Grenier, Kevin Connolly, Jerry Ferrara, and Kevin Dillon as all five of these men reprise their roles from the hit HBO TV series Entourage. This time around the boys are back in town with Vince directing his first ever studio movie with Ari green lighting it in his new seat of power, but does this television adaption fit perfectly onto the big screen or should it have comeback as a miniseries run on HBO? 

If you’re a fan of the television show than don’t worry because you’ll not be disappointed with this movie! There are a lot of callbacks to certain episodes of the series, but more importantly if you haven’t seen the show it’s easy to understand who’s who and what’s going on. 

All of the comedy hits in the right spots in the moment, and it kept true to what Entourage is which I find important when a TV show comes to theaters. The reason why I think Entourage works well as a movie is due to the fact that everyone who created and developed Entourage from the actors to the writers over the years came back to do this movie. 

The acting is good from all the actors, but it’s Jeremy Piven’s character Ari Gold and Kevin Dillon’s Johnny Drama who both steal the movie in two very different ways. Without spoiling anything this entire movie in my opinion is about Drama and Ari, because even though these two characters are just supporting roles their stories are what truly brought feeling and depth into this movie with both having huge career choices in front of them and ultimately leading to choices for their futures in the entertainment business. 

Now the problems I have with Entourage are very minor and those would be the timeline of the movie, the roles of Vince and Eric, and mostly the situation that occurs halting the movie that’s being made.

When it’s said that this movie is only taking place a few days after the series finale I’m kind of upset with that, because the show ended in 2011 and the dynamic of the entertainment business has changed so much since then. More importantly it’s a 4 year gap between then and now which could’ve taken the story anywhere with all five of the main characters, but Doug Ellin the director also wrote the movie decided to make it a continuation of a few days later when he has had 4 years to make a even better story for these characters especially with how big the comic book and fantasy genre has become today with Vince’s and Drama’s history on the show as “Aquaman” and “Viking Quest”.

The Bro-mance of Vince and Eric throughout the entire TV series was that main core of what the show represented of “no matter what happens stick by your friends”, and that dynamic is much downplayed in the movie. Vince and E are just a subplot in the movie in my opinion, because even though the plot-line is about getting Vince’s movie green lit by his investors it just feels subpar to what’s going on with both Ari and Drama throughout the movie.

Now the final problem I have with Entourage is that I figured out why Vince’s movie is being blocked by Haley Joel Osment’s character Travis before it was even revealed, and personally I hate when I can just figure out a movie's direction before it’s revealed in the actual movie. 
Other than these minor problem I have with Entourage it’s definitely worth seeing if you’re looking a good comedy to watch, if you’re a fan of the show, and more importantly it’s a awesome buddy movie to see for a guys night out. 

That’s why I’m giving Entourage a 3/5 STARS because it’s a fun and good time, awesome end to the franchise, and closure to all Entourage fans.