Movie Reviews: 'Unfriended'

By Aric Sweeny


Unfriended is about a high school junior named Laura Barnes that had committed suicide publicly because of an embarrassing video posted online. On the anniversary of her death, she haunts her so-called old friends’ Skype chat.

Before initially revealing herself as the ghost of Barnes, they all just assumed it was an online ‘troll’. Soon after, Barnes begins killing each of the friends using supernatural ways, one by one. Starring Shelley Hennig (Blaire), Will Peltz (Adam), Renee Olstead (Jess), Courtney Halverson (Val), and Jacob Mysocki (Ken).

This movie is all filmed through a Skype group chat, which provides a somewhat gimmicky scheme we have never seen before.

Even though this didn’t live up to my original expectations, it was still a fun horror flick. There was definitely some cheesy parts to it though. For example, the ‘tech nerd’ of the skype group, Ken, died from getting his hand stuck in a blender. This part actually had me laughing in the theater.

As a teen myself, I must say that this movie perfectly captured the atmosphere of modern teen social life, via social media. The actors did a surprisingly well job given that they were in a single tight space of a webcam the entire time. 

While this movie did create a few spooks among the audience, the buildup to these frightening moments was just too much waiting, and not enough actual scaring. Overall, “Unfriended” is a somewhat scary ghost story that will only be enjoyable to those that have grown up in the social media era. For those older folks that aren’t acquainted with all this new technology, the flipping back and forth to different pages and all the newly used acronyms will be confusing. 

Rating: 2.5/5

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