Movie Reviews: 'Chappie'

Chappie (Review) 

By, Jake Buchanan 


    In the near future the world is overlooked by a robotic police force until one day everything begins to change as one of the robots develops A.I. personality which leads to chaos. Chappie is directed by Neil Blomkamp and stars Sharlto Copley, Dev Patel, and Hugh Jackman. 

Copley’s portrayal of Chappie was completely powerful enough that it made the audience care about him through the movie, because every time someone would ether treat Chappie wrong or he was in danger you could feel the tension of everyone’s anger and disappointment in the room. With every Blomkamp movie you know for a fact that you’re going to get captivating effects, and great action scenes that are done amazingly well that draws the viewer in more which is definitely what Chappie had to offer. 

If it wasn’t for the action scenes and effects then Chappie would’ve defiantly been worse than what it was, because the writing was all over the place especially when it came to both of the musicians casted as the criminals that take Chappie in. All these two characters did was basically manipulate Chappie throughout the entire movie which made most of the viewers angry with them even though we’re supposed to be rooting for them, but in the end we wanted these criminals to die instead of survive for what they’ve done to Chappie. Probably the biggest disappointment next to the not stop focus of these two criminals would have to be how both Sigourney Weaver and Hugh Jackman just came off as wasted characters, because Weaver’s character wasn’t even around that much in the movie and Jackman’s character just came off very cartoonish which is a huge let down with how both of them are great talents in that type of genre of film. The ending was very disappointing and left you questioning whether or not Chappie was just held all together based upon its action scenes and visual effects. 

Chappie is a fine movie that is really fun, but just go in with low expectations and you’ll not be disappointed with the movie. That’s why we’re giving Chappie a 2.1/5 due how the presentation of the action scenes and visual effects, but the story as a whole was just an utter let down and if they had went with Chappie learning from Dev Patel in a creation to creator scenario instead of these criminals it would’ve definitely would’ve saved this movie.          

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