Movie Reviews: 'Focus'


Focus (Review) 
by, Jake Buchanan

Focus stars Will Smith and Margot Robbie as a teacher and student whose relationship as con artists who start to fall for one another, but a question is left remaining with is their love legit or an overall con? 

Everyone involved with the movie gave good performances especially Will Smith and Margot Robbie as these dark deceitful criminals which will definitely show why both of them were cast in the upcoming DC Movie “Suicide Squad” as Deadshot and Harley Quinn.   Without a doubt the first half of Focus was awesome with how detailed and authentic each of the con scenes were presented, and also how great the chemistry was between Will Smith and Margot Robbie throughout the film.

Now the main problem with Focus is that the beginning of the movie is absolutely good, but soon as they come up to the halfway point of the film it starts to go downhill from there. Soon as the halfway point of the movie comes up it’s basically a repeat of the first half of the movie which didn’t really make that much sense at all!  This effect of repetitiveness is that Robbie’s character could have been developed more as a character which she wasn’t.

Throughout the movie the comedy was “hit and miss” which was mainly due to when and where the scenes were taking place, and also the misses just didn’t feel like they belonged there to begin within the first place. If you are going to go see Focus go in with low expectations due to the fact it is a heist movie, but it tries to be a comedy at the same time. Minor problem with the film was how some of the “grifting” scenes were just how over the top they were made them absolutely questionable and somewhat unbelievable, but then again it is a heist film trying to portray that world. 

In the end Focus had a good opening half of what a heist movie is but then tried to con the audience into believing that the first half wasn’t the same as the second half of the movie, but if its ever on cable I highly recommend giving it a watch. That’s why I’m giving Focus a 2.9/5 for having such a good start which kept you interested,  but ended up getting its second half stolen away.  

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