Movie Reviews: 'It Follows'

It Follows

By Jacob Fisher

 So "It Follows" has been on my radar since I saw the trailer. The story seemed really interesting with a hint of a mystery. But the biggest reason I wanted to see this movie is Maika Monroe. She's fresh off "The Guest" (Which I adore) in which she showed she could easily lead a movie. And today I finally got the chance to view the movie and let me tell you I wasn't let down at all and more than likely this film will make it onto my top 100 movies all time.

Okay I'll start with the story. The story is simple. You have sex then something follows you until it kills you or you pass it on by having sex. I will admit at first glance the story seems stupid but watching the story unfold on screen you see that it works really well. The tension slowly builds until the finale where all you could do is hold your breath and watch.

The acting is amazing. Makia Monroe once again knocks it out of the park. The rest of the cast was great also but Makia Monroe easily stole the show in this film.

The music is amazing. It reminded me a lot of the older horror movies music but mix with music from "The Guest".

Another thing I want to say about this movie is how the camera work is spot on. It feels like you're in the moment and something is following you. Plus all the wide angle shots let your eyes wander and see if you catch anything that looks out of place.

This film is one of the best horror films I seen in a LONG time.

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