Movie Reviews: 'Insurgent'

Insurgent (Review) 

By Jake Buchanan


Insurgent picks up three days after the events of Divergent with the society on the brink of civil war, and for all you book readers out there this is a huge adaption from the books. This sequel is directed by Robert Schwentka (R.I.P.D.) and stars Shailene Woodley as Trice who is more determined more than ever to not only survive, but to also save as many lives as possible from being destroyed.  

Shailene Woodley takes Insurgent to a whole other level by basically carrying the whole movie on her back, and especially with how great of a job she did with portraying the emotional side of Trice from the events of Divergent. Schwentka captured the action scenes very well which kept the movie completely entertaining, and also the aspects of virtual reality in the film were very interesting which gave the series somewhat of a new direction from the first.   

Even though Woodley presented such a good performance and the action was captured well Insurgent still had its problems. Insurgent was overall basically the same as Divergent with the only difference being the easy outs with story logic with answers magically appearing out of thin air and the talents of an extraordinary cast wasted due to the lack of screen time given to them. Granted the visual effects weren’t all that great and the dialogue also wasn’t very good either, but the overall disappointing factor in this movie would be the lack of character development for all of the characters with the exception of Woodley’s character Trice. 

In the next installment of the Divergent series they need to definitely change things up and get back to what the first film brought what this sequel didn’t, because even though Insurgent wasn’t boring it was completely repetitive with the same story as the first film which made it have nothing new to bring to the series. That’s why we’re giving Insurgent a 2.8/5 due how the action scenes were well captured and most importantly how strong of an actress Shailene Woodley is to carry this whole movie on her back. 

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