Movie Reviews: 'The Boy Next Door'

The Boy Next Door Review

By: Jacob Fisher


The Boy Next Door (2015) is a film about a woman who finds herself being watched by her next door neighbor. Soon watching does not become enough for him and he take action in his own hands to end up with her.

Now I like Jennifer Lopez as an actress but she’s really a big hit or miss. And I’m sad to say that The Boy Next Door will probably be under her miss list. She puts on a passable performance along with Ryan Guzman but the rest of the performances were downright bad. John Corbett was probably the worst in the lot.

The editing was a big mess. You would go to one scene to another and it felt very awkward watching it play out. 

The story was very predictable and bland. The script really didn’t allow any new things to be added in to this gene. Honestly this film could have had a lower budget and been on Lifetime. 
Overall a predictable film with cringle worthy performances from most of the cast and editing that completely fails. 

3 Out Of 5 Stars

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