Movie Reviews: 'Jupiter Ascending'

Jupiter Ascending Review

By: Jacob Fisher

Jupiter Ascending (2015) is a film about a dashing young man, Caine Wise, who’s sent down to Earth to help protect a beautiful lady, Jupiter Jones, from a powerful family that wants to take control of Earth. 

Caine Wise is played by Channing Tatum who’s an actor who’s quickly making a name for himself with films such as Foxcatcher and 21 &22 Jump Street.  His acting is this film is wooden at best and his makeup looked really bad. 

Jupiter Jones is played by Mila Kunis who’s beautiful than ever. She tries her hardest to make the movie works with all that she’s given but due to many different factors the movie fails on almost all the levels. 

Balem Abrasax (The bad guy) is played by Eddie Redmanye. He’s much like Bane in The Dark Knight Rises in where you had to listen really carefully in order to actually hear what he’s saying.  And he wasn’t really all that badass to be honest which is kind of disappointing because you expect the main villain to be ruthless and pretty much push the hero to his limit and break them in order for them to come back stronger than they were before. And in this movie it wasn’t really the case. 

The thing that really drags this film down is the script. The script felt like it was written quickly and lazy. The action things are amazing through and really feature some beautiful scenes. 
But this film worked really well as a popcorn flick and popcorn flicks are not films that you do deep thinking with you just sit back in your seat and enjoy the film. 

4 Out of 5 Stars. 

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