Movie Reviews: 'The Lazarus Effect'

The Lazarus Effect (Movie Review) 
by, Jake Buchanan

Well nothing could go wrong with bringing someone back from the dead, right? They’ll be perfectly fine just like nothing ever happened… wrong! The Lazarus Effect stars Olivia Wilde, Mark Duplass, and Donald Glover as young doctors trying to figure out how to correctly bring the dead back to life, but bring a demon to earth instead.

First things first and that would have to be this movie could’ve been better than what it was especially with how they played with the “science vs. religion” design in the movie they had going. Now what I mean by “science vs. religion” is that their theory was questioning whether or not when you died is it really a “white light” or is it the chemicals in your brain firing off at a rapid speed, which personally I found interesting and definitely could’ve made this horror movie stand out on its own.  Without a doubt the best thing about The Lazarus Effect is definitely the acting done by all the actors and actresses involved with the movie, because none of them slacked off due to it being a horror based film and also they went all in with their performances. The downfall with The Lazarus Effect is that it’s not that scary and more importantly it wanted to be a horror movie, but it didn’t know which direction it had to go to get there. There were causal jump scares but too many which is somewhat a good thing in my opinion, but overall The Lazarus Effect seemed more of a Sci-Fi movie than an actual horror film. 

Even though The Lazarus Effect wasn’t that good of a horror movie, but it had the makings of a unique based science fiction movie that should definitely be revamped into that genre if there is ever a sequel in the future. That’s why I’m going to give The Lazarus Effect a 2.8/5 because it was a good story but just in the wrong genre of film.