Movie Reviews: 'McFarland USA'

McFarland, USA Review

By Jake Buchanan

McFarland, USA is directed by Niki Caro and stars Kevin Costner as a down on his luck former coach who moves to a small town named McFarland and becomes the town’s gym teacher, but later forms a cross country team  that not only unites teammates but also the town.  
Now I know it doesn’t seem to be that capitalizing from what I’ve written in the summary above, but McFarland, USA has such a huge amount of heart that it has the potential to become one of those iconic sports movies that people fall in love with. Even though this true story that happened in the 80’s revolved around cross country it didn’t come off as the sport was the only thing that mattered, because what the bigger story was the uniting of the teammates and the growth of community in the town. 

Granted the only problems I personally had with the film were the predictable moments that were featured, and how the movie fell into the “typical” sports story rhythms which made moments predictable. These problems were to vanish quickly due to how well the human relationships were captured on screen between each of the actors and actress, but the two stand outs of McFarland, USA would have to be none other than Kevin Costner and Carlos Pratts who both put on excellent performances.   

What makes McFarland, USA maybe the best family film thus far in 2015 has to mainly do with the captivating the teamwork, community, and the human relationship characteristics which are presented to the audience will defiantly have everyone walking out smiling. We here at ECMG give McFarland, USA 3.5/5 due to it may have that every sports movie vibe to it, but it completely stands out on its own.  If you’ve seen “McFarland, USA” due us a favor and comment down below and let us at East Coast Movie Guys know what you thought about the film, and if you agree about what we’ve had to say in our review. 

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