Movie Reviews: 'Fifty Shades of Grey'

By Jake Buchanan


I haven’t read any of the “Fifty Shades of Grey” books that have taken the world by storm, and with the only knowledge going into the film that I had was that the story revolved around a romance that involved BDSM. I took a date to see the movie and she said she did in fact read the books, and wanted to let you know she was disappointed with how this movie turned out to be.   

There were so many problems that I had with this movie and I honestly don’t understand why this was made into a movie in the first place. When your two leads in a film doesn’t have good chemistry people in the audience will notice, but here there was no chemistry at all between Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan. Granted that the highlight of the movie was Dakota Johnson’s performance as Anastasia Steele which was probably overall the good part about the movie, because not only was the chemistry missing between Johnson and Dornan but also the dialogue was completely cheesy and upright bad.

After the movie was over I did some research on the books and found out that they’re based off “Twilight” fan fiction which explained so much to me, because there were defiant outstanding similarities with “Twilight” involving the characters and storyline. If the BDSM wasn’t in the film at all it basically would’ve been a non-supernatural “Twilight” knockoff with terrible dialogue, because even though the BDSM situations weren’t as effective as they might have been in the book they were the only parts carrying the movie. 

Now they’re apparently two more films looking to be made for this franchise, but personally I hope that funding goes into projects with more of an actually better premise to it! Are these the movies that people actually want to see get made, because they’re wasting money by pouring it into these crappy movies which have no true premise to them? I can keep going on about how bad I believe “Fifty Shades of Grey” to be, but I’ll just end here with giving it a 1.5/5 mainly due to Dakota Johnson’s performance and the score which was actually pretty decent to listen too. 

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