By Matt O'Bryant

WOW!!  I'm not sure if that is the correct word!  Perhaps it is WHATTT!!  As I'm writing this review 45 minutes have passed since seeing Interstellar and I have to say it is riveting entertainment that will leave you gasping for air and struggling to fully take in all that you have just seen up on the screen.

It is at its core a film about love, life, relationships, and how far we as humans are willing to go for the ones you love!  Around that core is an almost ridiculous amount of science that goes into telling the story that for an average person is almost to much to take in at least on the initial viewing.  Christopher Nolan I believe has even went on record as say that they had to dumb the science down quite a bit and it is still a lot to take in.  After the science of it all i'd say there is a descent amount of what I would call science fiction if not down right cliches of all world ending futuristic science fiction movies.

In the end, the movie doesn't really live up to the hype surrounding it, although it is still a really great film.  The entire cast is extremely good here and it should be noted that the best performances are from the two leads McConaughey, and Hathaway.  A good portion of the film involves a secret A-list Actor who has a meaty role within the film no spoilers here.

At this point I really like the film a lot and its definitely one hell of a ride!  I would recommend it to everyone who loves movies to go see it, but it is probably not for everyone.  It is perhaps far too soon to know how this movie will be remembered.  Only time will tell how much this film is appreciated no pun intended.

Thanks Matt