By Jake Buchanan

“We’re the Guardians of the Galaxy bitch!”-Starlord (Chris Pratt)
Hello Everyone,

With Guardians of the Galaxy being the first unknown Marvel property being made into a film it had tremendous pressure going forward, because this insane ragtag team of outlaws was the gateway for other unknown Marvel characters to come forward into the MCU. Now with the unforeseen success of GOTG bringing in an outstanding $94 Million opening weekend they basically blew the doors entirely off the hinges for the other unknown Marvel properties.

James Gunn's visual direction of this film completely showcased that there can be not only different types of genres in the MCU, but also different settings in which allows other unknown Marvel stories come into play for future films setting and backgrounds. Now with GOTG being a Sci-Fi/Comedy there was great balance done by Gunn with the different levels between the highly visible comedy and the minor moments of seriousness which was excellent, but also the dynamic between the core five team members throughout the film was very well balanced between those serious and funny moments. The complexity between the Guardians was completely at the forefront of this movie, but it was raveled in complete hilariousness that it made the audience fall in love with the characters quickly and easy without the feeling of force that we can get sometimes in other films directed at the characters.

The Guardians of the Galaxy characters are without a doubt the oddest, craziest, and complex characters thus far that we've seen in the MCU. With the characteristics of each individual Guardian such as Starlord's quick witted sliver tongue and improve skills, Gamora's expert training in multiple forms of assassination and cold heartedness, plus Drax's uncontrollable rage mixed together with his constant state of seriousness, and the final additions of the wise cracking, gun wielding Rocket, and the soft one worded giant Groot makes them the perfect band of anti heroes that sets them apart from any other characters in the MCU. Now when it comes to performances by the actors portraying the Guardians I honestly can say there were no weak links in the core five, and some may argue that but in my honest opinion each performance was greatly delivered in the movie.

"Okay. You're high on the Guardians, but what about the villains?"
One fact is an overall MUST work on by Marvel, and that's a more developed connection and understanding of their villains, and don't try to come up with Loki in the comment section. First of all Loki's an Anti-Hero which let’s face it everyone cheers for, because Loki's the one guy who the audiences want to see succeed but constantly fails.

Ronin's whole motivation throughout the film was revenge for past events on his people, and Marvel didn't really explain enough and go more into the back story of his anger/rage that kept him going which to myself make the character your typical "bad guy" bent on world destruction. If you go back and watch other Marvel individual films you'll see what I'm talking about with each films main antagonist being there causing some mayhem, and then written off in a blink of an eye which is the standard Marvel villain being gone without any momentum truly gained whatsoever. Nebula on the other hand the audience did get to know in minor moments, but I'm sure they'll go more in-depth in the sequel. Minor spoiler; Thanos shows up and I have to say he's the one exception such as Loki, because Thanos doesn't act like the typical villain but more of a laying in wait evil presents that'll strike when he's good and ready seizing that moment’s opportunity.

Now the BIGGEST overall positive about GOTG would have to be throughout the entire movie not once does the audience think about The Avengers, and what's going on with them. This film is all about the Guardians and that's where the viewers mindset stays even though it's in the MCU not once do you think about any other Marvel film.

Overall I give Guardians of the Galaxy 9/10, and this movie was the way to bring the summer blockbusters to a close. Now are you going to see Guardians of the Galaxy? Have you already seen it and if so what did you think?
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Other than that thanks for taking time out of your day and giving this a read, and go check out Guardians of the Galaxy when you get a chance.

Thanks, Jake.