BOX OFFICE: 'Heart Of The Sea' Flops, 'Hunger Games' Wins Again

By Matt O'Bryant

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As the old saying goes "this is the calm before the storm" as the assumed mega blockbuster Star Wars: The Force Awakens presence looms heavy on this weekend's box office numbers. Audiences are preparing to have one of the best and most epic experiences promised to them in theaters in a very, very long time. So as expected the the theaters were left kind of empty this weekend.  Much like many fans I've already bought my tickets for three different show times next weekend for Star Wars: The Force and I might buy another.

Taking the top spot again this weekend, was The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 2 with $11.3 million bringing its domestic total to $244.49 million.  While the film is the lowest grosser of the franchise, Lionsgate is still happy with the overall take.

Warner Bros. In the Heart of the Sea is yet another flop for Thor and Avengers star Chris Hemsworth. The film opened in second place with a disappointing $11 million, which is terrible news for the studio considering the $100 million price tag.

Without the Marvel studios brand name in front of his films, Chris Hemsworth doesn't seem to have any real box office power.  If you count the Vacation remake, which he had a nice cameo in. This is Hemsworth's third box office disaster of the year following January's Blackhat fiasco. Three strikes and you're out!

Taking the third spot at the box office this weekend was Pixar's The Good Dinosaur bringing in another $10.5 million. That gives the film a disappointing $89.6 million domestic take after three weekends of release.

The seventh installment in the Rocky franchise Creed continues to perform well dropping a very solid 32.5 percent in its third weekend of release.  Grabbing the fourth spot, the film added another $10.1 million to its impressive $79.3 million domestic total.  The film should continue to play well going into the Holidays considering the great word of mouth and the recent Golden Globes nomination for Sly Stallone's performance.

Finally rounding out the top five was the holiday horror film Krampus bringing in another $8 million in its second weekend of release.  The film has now made a cool $28.2 million domestically.

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