Video Game Franchises That Could Or Should Be Adapted To The Big Screen!!

By Aric Sweeny

A few months ago back, I wrote an article talking about what video games I thought would work great on the big screen. While I got positive feedback on the article, I only included 3 games. So, here is even MORE video games that could work great as movies!

“Halo” could be a fantastic movie, and to my understanding there is already a film in the works. It seems like Halo was made to be a movie in the future. The characters, action, cinematography, and writing is fantastic in the game, and it could hopefully translate well to a feature film.

Maybe it sounds ridiculous, but “Megaman” could be a great film. A robotic boy and his trusty robot dog save the world from doctor Willy. Definitely would have to be animated. It could have a “Big Hero 6” vibe to it, and that movie was fantastic. 

“Bioshock”s incredible art design pleads for a film adaptation. It has enough creepy moments, story, and action to make a great movie.

“Mass Effect” was talked about being a movie since 2010, but no further plans have been made. The “Mass Effect” universe would require a complex plot and great writing, something a talented Sci-Fi director could achieve.

A “Metroid” movie could not only be Nintendo’s way of getting into the film market, but it could also be a great film for giving women time to shine. The main character, Samus, is found out to be a woman at the end of the first game. The tone could be similar to “Aliens”, with many creatures trying to kill Samus. Showing how much of a badass a women can be is not only a step in the right generation for the film industry, but life itself. Emily Blunt would be my choice to play Samus.

Because of the cartoonish atmosphere of “Mario Kart”, this film would have to rely heavily on CGI. Although it would be tough to do, “Mario Kart” could be a fantastic movie (if made well, of course).

“The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim”. Still standing out as one of the biggest and best games ever, this has all the right parts to be a good movie. Great story, characters, and a possible “Game of Thrones” vibe, I can definitely see this adaptation happening.

Are there any games I missed? What game do you want to see be made into a film? Comment down below!