Breaking!! 'The X-Files' Will Return With 6-Part Miniseries On Fox Starring David Duchovny Gillian Anderson!!

By Matt O'Bryant

Series Creator Chris Carter is back!  He is bringing with him two of the most beloved television characters of all time in FBI agents Mulder and Scully, played famously by David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson.

No details on other cast or story has been revealed yet, but production will still begin this summer!  There had been many rumors over the past year or so that their might be some type of reunion maybe another The X-Files movie or a whole new series with them playing supporting roles just popping into episodes here and there.  The idea of a new movie probably was never really in the works because of the disappointing first 2 films both of which were received poorly by critics and neither made that much money at the box office.  The big reason this miniseries is happening is probably thanks to HBO'S TRUE DETECTIVE and ABC'S AGENT CARTER being such successes.

So for everybody who were huge fans of the original series this should be very exciting news!!

We Might Finally Find Out The Truth!  Remember The Truth Is Out There!

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Source: Deadline