'The Watchmen' Live-Action TV Series Zack Snyder & HBO In Talks!?!


By Matt O'Bryant 

What's up guys and gals,  

Its being reported by the good folks over at Collider that Director Zack’s Snyder has been in talks with HBO about developing a series based on the critically acclaimed graphic novel 'The Watchmen'.

According to Collider:

"Snyder has been meeting with HBO to talk about a Watchmen TV series. Our sources tell us that the meetings about adapting the DC Comics property have taken place, but unfortunately we don’t have any details as to whether this would be a prequel series, a re-imagining of the events of the Watchmen story itself, or a sequel series. 

It’s also worth noting that HBO is notoriously difficult to predict until a series has a hard release date. For example, they couldn’t reach a budget compromise with David Fincher for his Utopia series, and shut down the production of Fincher’s half-hour comedy series that he was developing simultaneously. Clout and/or popularity doesn’t automatically mean a greenlight, as further evidenced by the network famously passing on Noah Baumbach‘s star-studded The Corrections pilot. 

So while we know that meetings about a Watchmen TV series have taken place, nothing has been greenlit as of this writing. But with Game of Thrones‘ end looming in the next couple of years and original drama programming in short supply, surely HBO is looking for that next big hit. Producing a Warner Bros. property – especially one as potentially huge as Watchmen – under their shared Time Warner parental umbrella sounds like a solid move."


Now this is something really cool that I'm sure HBO has been planning or wanting to get into for years and now if ever is the right time.  Remember that Director Zack Snyder has already made the big screen adaptation of The Watchmen.  Which is a film that I consider to be the best adaptation of a comic book property ever. So this news of an HBO series based in and around this property sounds great in theory.  But let's wait and see if it actually happens.