'Walking Dead' Cast Jeffrey Dean Morgan As Famous Villain Negan


By Matt O'Bryant 

What's up guys and gals, 

It looks like the long search is over for one of The Walking Dead's most most notorious villains, the man know as Negan. According to THR actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan has landed the role as the Iconic villain.  Get the details below.


According to THR

Following an extensive casting search, AMC'sThe Walking Dead has found its next major villain.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan has been tapped to take on the iconic role of Negan, the f-bomb-dropping dastardly character from Robert Kirkman's comic series, The Hollywood Reporter has learned. 

The character, who sources say will first arrive in the season six finale directed by Greg Nicotero, is the violent leader of a group known as The Saviors who use force and intimidation to subjugate other communities — including Alexandria. Negan first appears in the landmark 100th issue when he crosses paths with Rick Grimes, who had been vocal about bringing down the man who takes half the community's supplies in exchange for "protection" from walkers. By comparison, Negan makes David Morrissey's The Governor look like a fluffy bunny.

Negan — who went through the casting process under the name of "Orin" — has become the primary villain in the comic series since he shockingly killed Glenn with "Lucille," a baseball bat covered in barbed wire that he carries with him at all times. He's still alive as of issue 145. Morgan will first join the series as a guest star before being promoted to series regular for season seven. Morgan was one of multiple actors (including Timothy Olyphant, Matt Dillon and Garret Dillahunt, among others) who were considered at some point for the role. Production on the season six finale begins this week in Atlanta.

I love this casting decision.  I've always been surprised by how little of a presence Morgan has had in Hollywood movies over the past decade.  Anytime he has been seen on screen he has been phenomenal. Can't wait to see him as Negan on the show.

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