'Star Wars: Episode VIII' New Release Date Causes Ripple Effect, How Will Avatar 2 React?

By Aric Sweeny & Matt O'Bryant

With the surprise breaking news of Star Wars: Episode VIII moving from its classic Star Wars May 26th, 2017 release date to its now prime December 15th, 2017 date. Hollywood has now gone into a frenzy and release dates are shuffling everywhere, including Sony's Spider-man reboot. This comes as no surprise, now that Disney and Lucasfilm has seen how much money can be made with such prime box office real estate during the month of December. It will be interesting to see what James Cameron and company do now with the release of their Avatar 2, which is currently set for Christmas Day December 25th, 2017. We are pretty sure that even if you're James Cameron you do not want to release a film like Avatar 2 a week after the release of a mega blockbuster like Star War: Episode VIII. Check back here for more details as we get more information on this crazy breaking news today. And trust me Disney knows exactly what their doing and all the other studios are not happy! Check out the other big films below, that have now moved their initial release dates. Sound off in the comments with your thoughts.

  • Star Wars: Episode 8 has moved from May 26, 2017, to December 15, 2017.
  • Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales moves from July 7, 2017 to May 26, 2017 taking Episode 8’s  original release date.
  • Sony’s Spider-Man reboot moves from July 28, 2017 to July 7, 2017 taking Pirates’ original spot.
  • The Jumanji remake, that hadn’t had a previous release date, has been given July 28, 2017, the original Spider-Man release date. This movie will likely get delayed again, as they don’t have a director locked yet.