'Deadpool' New Empire Magazine Cover Plus Promo Video


By Matt O'Bryant 

Empire Magazine has released their new cover for Deadpool, plus a funny little infomercial featuring none other than Deadpool himself. Check out the video and cover below, plus some details from the good folks over at Screenrant.

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Details Via Screenrant:

The “infomercial”, running just under a minute and a half, sees Deadpool shilling for Empire in a way that only the Merc with a Mouth can. The magazine’s upcoming 2016 preview issue not only features Deadpool on the cover and within its pages, but it was also guest edited by the man himself, ensuring that it’s filled to the hilt with all things Deadpool: A limited edition eye infection? Do it yourself recipes? Ferret chasing leprechauns? Check. In between censored bleeps, these gems are decipherable along with much more.


 Deadpool hits theaters on February 12th, 2016.