James Cameron Running Scared? ‘Avatar 2’ Delayed Again!!

By Josh Melo

With Star Wars Ep.VIII getting pushed back till December, sci-fi fans were eager to see the people’s champion go up against the juggernaut that is sure to be Avatar 2. Alas, it was not meant to be. Avatar 2 has once again been delayed, but maybe not for the reasons your thinking.

Though fans are sure to be disappointed, there isn’t anything to worry about. The holiday 2017 release date was never set in stone, instead inferred by fans after hearing director James Cameron mention next year as a potential window. Fox has since confirmed to the wrap that Avatar 2 was never going to hit theaters until all 3 follow up films (Avatar 2, 3 and 4) were set in stone.

A structured release plan for the 3 films was always more important to Cameron and the studio than rushing the films out the door. This is a point that many fans are failing to pick up on, instead attributing the “delay” to Star Wars move.

Avatar 2 was never being filmed as a single release, instead it is being developed as a single part of a larger story arc meant to be delivered in a specific way. Going back to Cameron’s comments, he mentions that the three scripts are still being developed and all three films are planned to shoot back to back (implying the interconnected nature of the saga). Filming with the latest in cinema technology and undertaking such a massive production probably means that 2017 was never a practical goal.

All that being said, Avatar detractors will more than likely still cite Star Wars as the reason behind the push.