Is Will Ferrell's Best and Most Hilarious Days Behind Him!?!

By Aric Sweeny

Welcome back,

Comedy is one of the few movie genres that everyone can enjoy. There are different types of comedy movies, and something for each individual's own sense of humor; it also has a tendency to typecast actors.  Let’s think about this notion for a second.  Ben Affleck is an elite actor, and is held to high standards regarding the quality of his films.  He has done all types of roles, ranging from drama to action to comic book movies.  My point here is that when someone thinks of Affleck, no specific genre of movies come to mind.  Will Ferrell, for example, is different.  Ferrell has essentially been the premier actor in comedy roles ever since his hilarious performance in 2003’s “Elf”; but for years, Ferrell’s films have been collectively deemed mediocre by critics and the general audience alike.  Although I did love him and Kevin Hart’s team up comedy “Get Hard,” he has seemed to fall off his throne.  With all this said, it poses an interesting question.  Has Will Ferrell lost his crown as the king of comedy?

We all know that Ferrell has had an abundance of great films throughout his career, but I noticed an interesting feature that all of these films share!  Every Ferrell “classic” came out in 2008 or before (With the exception of “The Other Guys”).  Recently, Ferrell has been on a streak of films ranging from mediocre to down-right terrible, and it's seems to have gone unnoticed by general audiences and studios.  

I'm not the only person that is aware of Ferrell’s cold streak, am I? 

It also seems as though he has lost his box office star power. For example, “Get Hard” has currently grossed roughly 90 million total, while his second most recent original property, “Casa De Mi Padre,” brought in an abysmal 5 million. “Elf”, “Talladega Nights: The Ballad Of Ricky Bobby”, and "Stepbrothers" are widely considered to be his best movies, made 173, 148, and 101 million respectfully . 

Although Ferrell is on a streak of pretty bad movies recently that make little to no money, I can see this ending with his upcoming film “Border Wars,” also starring John C. Reilly.  Perhaps they can re-spark the magic they had in "Stepbrothers".

What do you think?

Has he lost his star power?  Comment down below!