Editorial: 'The Terminator: Rebooted'

The Terminator: Rebooted
Forget Decent. We need BETTER Films! 
By Jake Buchanan

If Paramount Pictures is moving forward with multiple Terminator films than they need to get back in touch with the roots of this franchise, because Terminator: Genisys was a weak representation of what this legacy has done for films as a whole. Granted Rise of the Machines and Salvation aren’t great Terminator films either, but at least they’ve had the level of action that Terminator films are suppose too which Genisys completely lacks. Honestly the only good trait throughout Genisys is Arnold as the aged T-100, and without a doubt he carried the entire film on his back.

People are getting smarter when it comes to movies and can tell whether or not the movie is going to be awful based upon trailers, and more importantly critic reviews that have become more popular in recent years due to people not wanting to waste their money on a terrible movie.

Yet audiences will go and see these movies giving the studios even more money to make these below average films when it’s the ordinary audience member who later complains about how bad the film was, and then eventually going onto give them even more money to make another over the top blockbuster with an incoherent plot that doesn’t make any sense leaving numerous plot holes. We’re the reason why we’re getting these movies and if we keep seeing them we’ll keep getting them, and this is why audiences need to start demanding better films to be made even with such franchises as The Terminator

What Paramount Pictures should do for their sixth installment of the Terminator franchise is take the absolute best factor from each of the previous five films, and incorporate them into this new saga that they’ve begun to tell with Genisys.

Just a few examples of those best factors are in The Terminator (1984) it’s a Science-Fiction Horror film that if this element was placed in the next film not only would it be different from what audiences have seen from the franchise over the years, but it could get more people to see it.

Terminator: Judgment Day (1991) revolutionized action sequences which led to the evolution of “Blockbusters”, and which is why the need for better action scenes than what the last three Terminator films has shown audiences has to be above and beyond.  There’s two ways of making the action scenes better, and that’s either fully practical effects or meet in the middle with 50% practical and 50% CGI.  

Terminator: Rise of the Machines (2003) even though it didn’t stay true to Terminator by going in a new direction it would be a good move by Paramount to set a new direction, but not in a way that Rise did but for their current state of Terminator to be elevated once more like it was with The Terminator and Terminator: Judgment Day. 

Terminator: Salvation (2009) had a great cast and an intriguing story, but it all fell apart due to numerous complications behind the scenes and above all else the entire film setting place in Terminator ruled future. Now what made Salvation stand out is how gritty and dark the visual style was throughout the film, and if Paramount takes that gritty visual placing it with the Horror Science-Fiction element from The Terminator it could work very well together. 

Now finally Terminator: Genisys (2015) as the best part of the film is Arnold Schwarzenegger as the T-100 he’s not the best factor in it, because that goes to the film’s take on time travel which caused multiple changes in the Terminator timeline. 

Paramount could setup a new story where Terminators are sent back targeting Kyle Reese's ancestor instead of Sarah Connor which would have Sarah Connor taking over the original "Kyle Reese" role that he played in The Terminator. 

With 2015 being such a big year of strong female leads in film having Emilia Clarke takeover this character type would gain a stronger female demographic, and most importantly help with the constant demand of more strong female protagonists in films that take the lead rather than having to be reliant on a man .  

Once the new Terminators arrive Jai Courtney's Kyle Reese suddenly disappears from that timeline leaving Sarah Connor (Emilia Clarke) and T-100 (Arnold Schwarzenegger) to fend for themselves while having to protect Reese’s ancestor. 

Not only would Sarah Connor try to keep the three of them alive, but audiences would also gain more of that Father/Daughter dynamic between Connor and T-100 as she tries to teach him to be more human.

Later Jai Courtney comes back as the new T-100 which was designed by Skynet to finally eliminate Sarah Connor & Reese’s ancestor at the same time which would be interesting to see the Jai’s T-100 vs. Arnold’s T-100 as Arnold continues to help Sarah.

Simple key components such as those could potentially recharge this once great franchise that’s now looked upon as a stupid action blockbuster, because it’s not that hard to place a well thought out plot of a film based on a franchise that still has greatness in it. All it takes is passion, good ideas, and using what was great about previous films in that legacy before but just adjust them to where it’ll work into today’s market for these types of films.    

If audiences started demanding that better films be made than maybe the Hollywood studios would start listening and actually do it, because better made films equals enjoyment for audiences and more money for the studios.