Editorial: Could 'The Lord of the Rings: Ranger Chronicles' Happen, Should It Happen?

Lord of the Rings: Ranger Chronicles
By Jake Buchanan

At the end of Lord of the Rings: Battle of Five Armies there is a father/son conversation between Thranduil (Lee Pace) and Legolas (Orlando Bloom) about a young Ranger who is rising amongst the ranks, and goes by the name of Strider.

If Miramax Films ever wants to resurrect the Lord of the Rings properties it’ll probably be a series following Strider as he journeys throughout Middle Earth while encountering different and familiar characters from both The Hobbit and The Fellowship series. Then at the end of his series it would have Strider in the tavern where the Hobbits walk into, and we get that first glimpse of him in the Fellowship of the Ring which leads to his true name being revealed as Aragorn.

Now there are three important questions to be asked here; should Peter Jackson return helming the new series?  Who should be casted as the young Strider? And finally would the J.R.R. Tolkien representatives sign off on this new series?  

Peter Jackson has directed all six Lord of the Rings films and knows the properties extremely well, but a lot of people felt that the Hobbit series was way to CGI heavy and didn’t live up to the heights that the Lord of the Rings had set previously. With that being said if Miramax does decide to go ahead with this new incarnation will they invest in a new director with a completely different vision, but who loves Lord of the Rings and which they’ll stay true to Middle Earth mythology? Or would they continue to play it safe, and try their best to convince Peter Jackson to comeback to Middle Earth one last time?

Now when it comes to casting Strider it should be someone in their early or mid 20’s, because depending on how long each journey is throughout the films it’ll leave a nice age gap to see this new incarnation grow as the character. Once the series ends Strider should be about the same age as he was in Fellowship of the Ring, but also have that rough grittiness from these previous journeys we witnessed him go through and place his survival knowledge he learned from those experiences into protecting the Hobbits.

The biggest challenge that Miramax would face getting this new series green lit would be getting the go ahead from Tolkien’s representatives, because these new adventures wouldn’t be completely cannon of what was told in the books. Now if Miramax wanted to use small key moments from Fellowship of the Ring, Two Towers, and Return of the King that gave readers and audiences small details of Strider’s past to build these new stories than they might not need full approval from Tolkien’s representatives. If both sides meet in the middle and agree with the stories Miramax puts together for this potential new series and Tolkien’s representatives like and approve of it then that’s the only way it might be made without any problems from both sides.

There are numerous potential standalone films and series in Middle Earth that can be told in the future, but when the Hobbit series ended last year in 2014 it still may be in fact too soon for any new Middle Earth stories to be told on screen. With the way The Hobbit: Battle of Five Armies ended, it wouldn’t be any surprise if the first new Lord of the Rings property to be released into theatres is a Strider series or standalone film.

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