Who Should/Could Be Part Of "The Robin's Nest" In The DC Cinematic Universe

By Jake Buchanan

The Batfleck Family

Who Should/Could Be in The Robins Nest? 

With Scott Eastwood rumored to be Dick Grayson (1st Robin) in Suicide Squad, and Jenna Malone possibly being Barbara Gordon (Bat-Girl) in the new Batman/DC cinematic world where does this leave the legacy of Robin? Most people have been wondering which Robin will be showing up in this Batman family, and who will be portraying them on the big screen for the first time ever. 
Unlike the two oldest members of the Batman family Dick Grayson and Barbara Gordon who both debuted in both of Joel Schumacher's Batman Forever (1995) and Batman & Robin (1997) played by Chris O'Donnell and Alicia Silverstone the characters of Jason Todd, Tim Drake, Damian Wayne, and Carrie Kelley have never been adapted into live-action. 
Since these four Robin characters aren't as well known to the general public DC/Warner Bros. should cast young stars into these roles, because audiences will get more time with those Robins and over that time develop interest in each Robin not only the hero but also the person under the mask. Whichever Robin character DC/Warner Bros. decides to introduce in the DC cinematic universe the actor or actress that's cast should have the ability to portray all the qualities that makes that Robin different from the other Robins, and thereby having their Robin standout capturing the audience’s attention by just not being another person in a Robin suit. 

Jason Todd (2nd Robin): Nicholas Hoult

Ruthless, strategic, and semi-crazed just scratches the surface of who Jason Todd is as a character in the DC universe, and if Nicholas Hoult without a doubt has proven anything so for in his career is that portraying an insane homicidal genius is definitely in his wheelhouse. 
Now of course he is currently Beast in the FOX Studio X-Men franchise and will be appearing as the character in X-Men: Apocalypse, but rumor is that this will be his final appearance as Hank McCoy/Beast in the franchise which would leave him open for DC/Warner Bros. to potentially cast him in the DC cinematic universe. Ironically if Hoult is cast this would be going from a hero roll into borderline antihero/villain role which works perfectly for Jason Todd's background and character arc. 

Tim Drake (3rd Robin/Red): Dylan O'Brien

Highly intelligent, tech specialist, with superior detective skills is best way to describe Tim Drake, and if Dylan O'Brien is cast he has proven so far not only can he carry a franchise but also has displayed Tim Drake's characteristics on a weekly basis on the MTV series Teen Wolf as Stiles Stilinski. 

Currently O'Brien is playing Thomas the main character of the Maze Runner series which only has one film (The Death Cure) left in the series if not split into two parts, and also still plays the role of Stiles on Teen Wolf which is on its 5th season. 

O'Brien's portrayal of Stiles Stilinski throughout Teen Wolf has not only grown mentally but also emotionally which is a major character trait in Tim Drake, but his display of the characters intelligence and detective skills on that show is what makes him the type of actor that DC/Warner Bros. should definitely move on for the role of Tim Drake in their DC cinematic universe.

Damian Wayne (4th Robin): Jack Gleeson

Gifted, spoiled, and violent is only the beginning of who Damian Wayne is as a character, and being no stranger to royal bloodlines while carrying out justice in a violent matter Jack Gleeson should be looked at for the role of Damian Wayne. 

There are definite parallels between Gleeson's portrayal of Joffrey Lannister and Damian Wayne as characters with the exception of Damian in his own way trying to do good to where Joffrey never tried doing good with his position of power. Although at first critics may say it's to similar to Gleeson's previous work which is true, but given the right amount of time Gleeson could do something with Damian Wayne that he never did with Joffrey Lannister by starting at one end of the spectrum and evolving into a completely different person. 

Carrie Kelley (5th Robin): Sabrina Carpenter

An natural born spitfire whose cleverness and relentlessness opened the door for Carrie Kelley to become Batman's latest employee, and if there's any young actresses that DC/Warner Bros. should be watching out for to capture the characteristics of Carrie Kelley it's Sabrina Carpenter. 

Carpenter is known for playing Maya Hart who's the rebellious, spunky, daredevil best friend on the breakout Disney Channel series Girl Meets World. Even though Carpenter plays a supporting character she has continuously given amazing performances time and time again when the show goes into serious and realistic places. Since the characters of Maya Hart and Carrie Kelley have similar characteristics, backgrounds, and are around the same age Carpenter shouldn't have any trouble excelling at and owning this role.
Only time will tell now which Robins will be appearing in the DC cinematic universe, and which actors or actresses will be taking on the mantle of the legendary boy wonder. That being said those are the top four actors and actress that I believe to have the most potential, and have the most acting power to bring these incarnations of Robin to life in the DC cinematic universe.Make sure to read the Honorable Mentions for Robin down below for other actors and actresses that have the potential to be a Robin, but were slightly beaten out by the top four. 

Other than that comment down below whether or not you agree or disagree with the top four Robin incarnation choices here, and suggest other actors or actresses that would make a good Robin in your mind. 

Honorable Mentions for Robin

Robin/Jason Todd:
Tyler Hoechlin
Daniel Radcliffe
Jamie Bell
Robert Pattinson
Shia LaBeouf  

Robin/Tim Drake:
Logan Lerman
Diego Boneta
Liam Hemsworth
Taron Egerton
Craig Roberts 

 Robin/Damian Wayne:
Will Poulter
Asa Butterfield
Robbie Kay
Charlie Rowe
Cameron Monaghan 

Robin/Carrie Kelley:
Maisie Williams
Hailee Steinfeld
AnnaSophia Robb
Chloe Grace Moretz
Saoirse Ronan